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We spent three months in total in South America, splitting it between three weeks in Colombia, just over two weeks in Peru, ten days in Bolivia, two and a half weeks over Christmas and New Years in Brazil, and then finished it off with three weeks in Argentina. Although compared to most travellers we raced through these countries, we had always planned to be in Brazil at Christmas so it really didn’t bother us going quickly, and we still managed to fit in everything we wanted to see! 


We absolutely loved Colombia, and for lots of reasons that we didn’t even expect to. We started in the colourful old city of Cartagena, then moved north using Santa Marta as a base for lots of trips to the unspoiled beaches of the north. Medellin was next on the map, a city which oozed character and history, as well as showing the forward thinking nature of the Colombians which is pretty inspiring. From Medellin we flew directly to Lima, ready to discover what was unexpectedly to be our favourite country thus far.


With little expectations, we entered Peru exhausted from our time in Colombia. In Peru we decided to detox; spend the two weeks away from the bars and instead immersing ourselves in the natural surroundings - a decision which made our time there so wildly different to Colombia, and therefore so positive. After a couple of nights in Lima we headed north to trek to Laguna 69, then went to Cusco which we used as a base for treks such as Macchu Pichu and Rainbow Mountain. 


Next on the list was Bolivia, again so distinctly different to the previous countries we had been in. Bolivia felt so far estranged from home life, yet we loved our week in La Paz. The Uyuni Salt Flats were also an extraordinary day that we will be sure never to forget.


In Brazil we met up with Charlotte’s family for a two week holiday over the festive period, back to home comforts was just what we needed 3 months into the trip!


The last leg of South America in Argentina was spent throughout the magical capital Buenos Aires, and then renting a car through Rosario and Argentina’s wine region Mendoza. Argentina was almost like coming back to a more civilised, similar to home vibe, and it was the perfect country to end the trip on. We both agreed it to be the winner in terms of beauty and a place we could ideally stay for a long period of time… and we didn’t even get to visit Salta in the north or Patagonia... Maybe one day.

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