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August 11, 2018

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Colombia: Casa en el Agua

November 12, 2017

This hostel was one of the very few things we had pre-booked before we left the U.K., due to its popular reputation you're only able to book 60 days in advance. It's a pricey stay, especially whilst travelling on a budget, hence why we payed the full balance before we left. This almost made it seem like a free getaway for a couple of nights! This hostel is like nothing you've ever seen before... It looks like something off a luxury brochure for Bora Bora or the Maldives. It's an Eco-Hostel in the middle of the Caribbean Ocean just off the Colombian coast, made totally out of wood built on a concrete foundation. It's like your own secluded private island floating in the middle of the sea.


You get on a speed boat from Cartagena which takes you two hours to reach the Casa. It's magic, looks like you're driving into nothingness until eventually you can see it floating solo in the distance up ahead. When we arrived we were warmly welcomed by the staff and shown to our beds - which we had completely forgotten were hammocks. Round 2 bring it on. We spent the day drinking cocktails and chilling with the other guests which was a lot of fun, we would have loved the chance to try more of the food they offered however be warned - it is very expensive. Bringing your own alcohol and snacks is essential if you're on a budget like us. The evening fell and after an incredible sunset everyone came together to party all evening which was such a surreal experience... We were dancing on tables to a Spotify UK Garage playlist on a tiny hostel floating in the middle of the ocean! Bizarre but amazing.


After a horrendous nights sleep we made the most of the free breakfast, though we were definitely glad we had brought extra cereal bars along. Sleeping in a hammock after a night on the beers is not an enjoyable experience... Talk about 'bed spin'. The next day we snorkelled around the Casa and saw some cool starfish, there's also loads of other activities like paddle boarding, kayaking, or even Sub Wing which is like a motor board under water giving you the sensation of flying through the sea. We finally decided to splash out on Lobster ceviche for lunch and it was incredible, it doesn't get much fresher than eating it somewhere like that.



Our last evening was pretty magical, we had booked to do a plankton tour although weren't too sure what we were signed up for. We got on a tiny boat after night fell, and went into the mangroves. The plankton are bioluminescent so the water glows when you stick your hand in - it was so cool. We then got told to jump in... We were slightly hesitant as it was pitch black, but when we did we were entirely surrounded by sparkling, glow in the dark little shapes. To top it off the night sky above was insane, like a blanket of stars covering over our heads. On route back we also saw some firefly squid which lit up the water creating an awesome light show. We came back feeling super happy having seen so many amazing things in one day. We played cards and had a glass of red before heading to bed.



Casa en el Agua was a pretty special few days, here's a few tips to make sure you get the most out of what you pay for. Bringing goggles would be a good idea, they make you pay for a snorkel which seems unfair considering the cost of lodging, however goggles would do the trick and don't take up much space.

Bring snacks!!! Eating 3 meals a day at the Casa would leave you with a hefty bill on departure.

Bring alcohol - the staff are v relaxed and understand that most travellers are unable to afford to buy drinks the full time so it's well worth bringing your own.

There isn't much price difference between a dorm bed and a hammock so depending on how easily you sleep it could be worth spending the extra for a bed

Watch out for the fire coral - Christie learnt this the hard way!




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