My name is Christie... I'm from Scotland (the tan is real I promise), I'm 22 years old, fresh out of education and ever reluctant to commit to any form of permanent employment. Instead I've decided to take a year out to 'find myself' and 'travel the world' - I'm really original if you can't already tell.

I studied French & Spanish at Edinburgh University, and managed to squeeze in a year abroad living in Paris and Valencia. I've always loved to travel, have visited most countries in Europe and am now ready to take on the big time.


Having studied Spanish for as long as I have, I am desperate to hit Central & South America. Not only does the culture appeal to me, I can't wait to hit the beautiful beaches, and have a taste of the delicious local cuisines. And secretly I'm also hoping to pick up a sexy South American twang to my Spanish whilst I'm there.

I've also been dreaming of visiting Australia for years. I really have never quite fitted in with the cold Scottish climate, I tend to escape to the sun whenever I have the opportunity, and from what I gather, I feel that the Aussie beach lifestyle could just be my calling in life. I thought whilst over that side of the world it would be silly not to see New Zealand - from what I've heard it's pretty similar to my home country - only more stunning views and a better climate. Doesn't sound too bad at all.

The last stop of the trip will be in Bali, Indonesia. What I imagine to be the epitome of paradise. From what I've heard or seen documented, the locals have an incredible aura of happiness and seem to be truly grateful for everything they have, no matter how much this may be. What's important for them appears to contrast the things we see as important within our capitalist society. So whilst here I hope to learn a thing or two... oh, and have I mentioned I like the beach?

My name is Charlotte… it feels slightly strange calling myself this as I am usually known by my second name Rissbrook but hey, ‘Christie and Charlotte’ certainly has a better ring to it. Similarly, I am also 22 years old and ready to embark on the adventure of a lifetime. 


Having spent 9 weeks interning in London this summer I feel I have about earned my place on this trip. Watching my friends enjoy the unemployed life and seeing the never-ending festival uploads has certainly made me envious and I now look forward to the roles reversing.


I am the girl with the mind that never sleeps. To elaborate on this, I’m pretty much always on the go and love being constantly busy. I studied Fashion Marketing at the University of Leeds and have been known for making the most out of those everlasting uni holidays. Having already travelled South East Asia and Indonesia I feel this may have been the start of that cliché ‘travelling bug’. 


So the places… Having seen and heard many stories, I’ve longed to go to Central and South America for years and can’t wait to get the chance to explore the ongoing list of beaches, unique hostels, stunning national parks and extraordinary sites. Having been known on previous travelling adventures to have endured the party lifestyle, I’ve decided on this trip to learn a new skill… Spanish. In Central America I therefore intend on doing a week course which (I hope) should enable me to have an input when Christie is making the most of her fluency.


On to New Zealand and Australia… the fact of the matter is, everyone raves about them and if I don’t do them on this 12 month trip, when will I ever. I promise you it’s not the Australian accent that’s drawing me in… or maybe it is. Realistically, the idea of spending a good five months in Australia really appeals to me, I intend to work in Melbourne for some of this as I've heard it’s an incredible city. 


Finally, Bali… I just cannot resist going back. Note to self: take it slow this time on the Joss shots.

We are Christie & Charlotte

Travel advice from girls recently graduated from university in the UK, off to explore the world